Govt:                                     Joel Warsley

Birthday:                             Nov. 22

Hometown:                       New Orleans, LA

Current Residency:         Atlanta, GA

Favorite food:                   As long as it’s good.

Music:                                  Yup.

Current Shows:                The Walking Dead, Attack on Titan, Scandal, Archer, Youtube shows.

Favorite Movies:              The Warriors, Aliens, Meet Joe Black, Scott Pilgrim, City of God.

Games(Yea, games):       Final Fantasy 6, The Last of Us, Marvel vs Capcom 3, DuckTales Remastered, Mass Effect 3.

Books:                                 Bible, self help books.

Batman or Superman:  Batman….. At least until Ben Affleck.

Quotes:                          “I don’t have complaints, I have concerns.”

Recently graduating from the Art institute of Atlanta, he’s taking a break… Yea. Totally on vacay. But that doesn’t mean he’s off duty. No… It doesn’t. He only rests when he blinks… And he blinks a lot. Truly passionate about media and production, he’s probably creating something new or learning different ways to exploit his creativity through music film and photography. Yea… He’s that kind of guy. This porfolio is only a tip of the iceberg compared to what he’s capable of. He’s modest and too afraid to blow minds.  So in the meantime, he’d rather let his work speak for its self.

If you want to figure him out artistically check out his recent posts. He tends to want to share stuff that catches his eye. Sometimes it’s pretty interesting. I can’t vouch for him any other time. Thanks for visiting. Got any projects or need any media work done, feel free to contact him.


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